PYRO 2 – DELUXE Vol. 4


PYRO was such as success, we had to spin the block with another blockbuster issue in our Deluxe series!  We make sure it is jam packed with the hottest, wettest and wildest movie reviews.  Order now for the hottest Adult Entertainment directory ever! This magazine was released in October of 2019.

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GYRO is now YKTV MAGAZINE. Thanks to you, we’ve outgrown our name.

Since we now produce and sell more magazines than ever, we’ve decided that we need a name that better reflects what we can do for you. Rest assured, we’re the same ownership and support team, so you can still rely on us for amazing quality and service.

You can still reach us with our normal contact listed below. We will be dropping even more heat to get you through. So no worries!

You can Get Off Any Time with YKTV Magazine. We will NOT be making any more magazines named GYRO and we are the ONLY distributors of the magazine. These are the LAST GYROS and all Back issues will be renamed YKTV! Anything else is a bootleg attempt to recreate this experience. That won’t GET YOUR ROCKS OFF..... That will GET YOU RIPPED OFF!!!
  • Mr Gyro
              aka GYRO THE YKTV
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